1. Communications committee
    1. Website sub-committee
      1. General (Carolyn, Ben)
      2. List-serv (Carolyn)
      3. Profile updates (Carolyn, Enriquena)
    2. Newsletter sub-committee (Jennie, Scott, Ben, Ana Luisa, César, Mirna [translation])
    3. Social Media sub-committee (Jennie, Adrian, Charlie, Michelle, Michael Bogan)
    4. Notes from the field sub-committee (Taylor, Charlie, Enriquena)
    5. Network growth sub-committee (Dynamic)
  2. Member resources
    1. Open source resources (Charlie, Michelle)
    2. Regulations and best practices (Sula, César, Dilia Meza)
    3. N-Gen spaces committee (Mirna, Ben, Heather)
  3. Board Structure
    1. Structure (EC: Ben, Carolyn, Adrian)
    2. Nominations committee for board and EC (Carolyn, Adrian)
  4. Expeditions (Sula, Ben, Adrian, Scott, Carolyn, Mirna, Taylor, Heather)
    1. Next expedition to be determined by whole expedition committee
  5. Arts & Science (Ben, Heather, Charlie, Mirna)
    1. 6&6 (Ben, Heather)
    2. Next to be determined by A&S committee
  6. Position statement (Dynamic)
  7. Border issues (Taylor, Ben, Scott, Heather, César, Mirna)
    1. Position statement (Taylor, Ben, Mirna)
    2. Special issue (Taylor, Ben, Sula)
    3. Border themed exhibit (Heather)
  8. Courses and curricular development (Ben, Enriquena, Adrian, Heather, Carolyn)
    1. Field courses (Ben, Charlie)
    2. UNAM collaboration (César, Enriquena, Carolyn)
    3. Arts and science course / ASU (Heather, Enriquena, Mirna)
  9. Boundary workshops (Adrian)
    1. Science-Policy Workshop committee (Adrian, Ben, Jennie, Ana Luisa, Michelle)
  10. Research grants (Sula, Ben, Scott, Taylor, Mirna, Heather, Adrian)

Updated August 2016