Jennie Duberstein

Disciplines: Conservation, Ornithology
Regions: Alto Golfo, Arizona Uplands
Chapter: Tucson



My work in the Sonoran Desert region has been two-fold. In my position with the Sonoran Joint Venture (SJV) I help facilitate bird and bird habitat conservation work in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. My responsibilities include capacity building and training (including topics such as bird monitoring and ecotourism), strategic planning and project management, and developing communications, education, and outreach materials to help address the SJV’s conservation priorities. In addition to my work with birds and bird conservation, I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, focusing on social networks of small-scale fishermen in the northern Gulf of California. My work examines the ways in which fishers in the Gulf of California and those working in fisheries management and conservation share information with each other and looks at mechanisms for using this information to improve management, monitoring, and conservation activities.