Eduardo Aguilera Miller

I am a doctorate student at CIBNOR. I am studying whether it is possible to relate genetic microstructure and a great haplotype number with the presence of philopatry among females. My study model is a microendemic rodent distributed inside Los Planes basin and Isla Cerralvo. I am also interested in the phylogeographic patterns of mammals […]

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Anthony Baniaga

I am interested in plant diversity! I study hybridization, polyploidy, population genetics, and systematics in Selaginella taxa found throughout the southwestern borderlands of U.S. and Mexico.

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Michael Barker

We study the evolution of plant diversity. One of our main study systems is the evolution of the resurrection lycophytes of Selaginella throughout the Sonoran and other deserts.

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Rafael Bello Bedoy

Me interesa el estudio de la selección natural y la adaptación. La teoría de la genética ecológica permite comprender los mecanismos locales y externos como la selección natural y el flujo genético contribuyen a la explicación de la fina variación genética y morfológica de organismos que muy seguramente representan linajes independientes. Así, a través del […]

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Josh Brindley

I am a PhD student at Washington State University. For my dissertation I am studying the flowering plant genus Eucnide, focusing on the the phylogenetic relationships of the species within Eucnide and the phylogeography of species on the Baja Peninsula.

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Dylan Burge

I study the plant life of the California Floristic Province, which shares many species and genera with the Sonoran Desert. I am especially interested in the plants of the “sky islands” in the Sonoran desert, as these tend to share much of their flora with the California Floristic Province. I am also very concerned with […]

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Horacio Cabrera Santiago

Actualmente me estoy dedicando a impulsar el manejo participativo del sitio Ramsar Humedales de la Laguna La Cruz a través del
Centro de Estudios Culturales y Ecológicos Prescott College, en Bahía de Kino.

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Aines Castro Prieto

I am an evolutionary ecologist aiming to understand the influence of natural and anthropogenic environmental change on the ecology, genomic diversity and health of wildlife species. My ongoing research fosters the connection between animal, human and environmental health in the Sonoran Desert and the Gulf of California.

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Maria Clara Arteaga

In my research I explore the effect of geological history, environmental variation, and anthropogenic activities over diversity and genetic structure of animal and plant populations of Baja California peninsula. I combine fieldwork, molecular data, and GIS analysis to address questions about ecology and evolution. Currently, I have projects about phylogeography of yucca and yucca-moth, bat […]

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Manuel Alejandro Delgadillo Nuño

Los corales del género Pocillopora son los principales constructores de arrecifes en las costas del Pacifico Tropical Mexicano y Golfo de California. A pesar de haber sido severamente afectados por los eventos de blanqueamiento masivo de las últimas tres décadas, estos corales siguen siendo bastante saludables y los experimentos en laboratorio han demostrando que el […]

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