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The Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers

A network of individuals and institutions committed to the rich social and ecological landscape that spans the Sonoran Desert
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The Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers is a network of individuals and institutions committed to the rich social and ecological landscape that spans the mainland Sonoran Desert, the Baja California Peninsula, the Gulf of California, and the US-Mexico borderlands. This interdisciplinary network will address the research and conservation challenges of our time within this binational region. Deeply committed to the spirit of the Sonoran Desert, the N-Gen will (1) catalyze research and biocultural collaboration, (2) develop an innovative research and conservation agenda, and (3) influence decision makers in both countries to promote a conservation ethic that matches the grandeur of the landscape.

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To learn more about the N-Gen community and our actions see the report “N-Gen: Pushing the Arc of Desert Research”

N-Gen is 250+ researchers across 40 disciplines in 21 regions of the Sonoran Desert


Development at Any Cost: A False Premise

A new age of mining has dramatically expanded in recent years. Open pit, extensive, corporate, and multinational operations threaten the Mexican landscape. The prospect of ecological disasters looms across one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. Read More »

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