Seeds in the Sand: Emerging Approaches to Understanding
the Sonoran Desert and Gulf of California


Guest Editors: Carolyn O’Meara and Benjamin T. Wilder

The Continuum of Desert Research
Benjamin T. Wilder and Carolyn O’Meara
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Human Dimensions of Research in the Sonoran Desert: Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers
Jennifer N. Duberstein and Andrés Lira-Noriega
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The Trooqui Treen: A Seri Truck
Cathy Moser Marlett
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The La Playa Archaeological Project: Binational Interdisciplinary Research on Long-Term Human Adaptation in the Sonoran Desert
John Carpenter, Guadalupe Sánchez, James Watson, and Elisa Villalpando
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Supplemental Appendix

The Tumamoc Hill Arts Initiative: A Portfolio of Site-Based Art and Writing Inspired by a History of Sonoran Desert Science
Paul Mirocha, Eric Magrane, Barbara Terkanian, Meredith Milstead, Kathleen Koopman, D. L. Coleman, and Monique Soria
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Social Constructs, Identity, and the Ecological Consequences of Carne Asada
Nemer E. Narchi, Alberto Búrquez, Sarah Trainer, and Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia
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PANGAS: An Interdisciplinary Ecosystem-Based Research Framework for Small-Scale Fisheries in the Northern Gulf of California
Adrian Munguía-Vega, Jorge Torre, Peggy Turk-Boyer, Silvio Guido Marinone, Miguel Fernando Lavín, Tad Pfister, William Shaw, Gustavo Danemann, Peter Raimondi, Alejandro Castillo-López, Ana Cinti, Jennifer N. Duberstein, Marcia Moreno-Báez, Mario Rojo, Gaspar Soria, Laura Sánchez-Velasco, Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Luis Bourillón, Kirsten Rowell, and Richard Cudney-Bueno
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Assessing the Geological and Climatic Forcing of Biodiversity and Evolution Surrounding the Gulf of California
Greer A. Dolby, Scott E. K. Bennett, Andrés Lira-Noriega, Benjamin T. Wilder, and Adrian Munguía-Vega
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Supplemental Figures and Tables
Supplemental Bibliography

Plant Biotic Interactions in the Sonoran Desert: Conservation Challenges and Future
Brigitte Marazzi, Judith L. Bronstein, Pacifica N. Sommers, Blanca R. Lopez, Enriquena Bustamante Ortega, Alberto Búrquez, Rodrigo A. Medellín, Clare Aslan, and Kim Franklin
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Appendix 1 “Bibliographic List of Plant Species Interactions in the Sonoran Desert”
Appendix 2 “Questions for Future Research”

After the Crossing: Afterlives of Found Objects in the Sonoran Desert Borderlands
Scott Warren, Kevin E. McHugh, and Jason Roehner
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Author profiles
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