The 2015 N-Gen Summit

Guaymas, Sonora | Hotel Playa de Cortés – 27–29 October 2015

The 2015 Summit is behind us and it was a great success! We had 170 participants, 60 from the U.S., 82 from Mexico, and 28 indigenous participants. There were many themes and priority issues that emerged from the ca. 30 sessions that were convened. Please see the session summaries below as well as the information on our honorees and participants. We hope the connections established over these three fall days in Guaymas will empower us for the years to come.

Career Recognition Awards

We were honored to recognize five of our scientific and conservation heroes. Please see this link for more information on each of the honorees: Honorees


For a list of attendees and their email addresses please follow this link: Attendees

Session Summaries

To see the topics and proceedings of the ca. 30 sessions convened at the 2015 Summit go to the Session Page


The 2015 (un)conference schedule can be seen on the Program page


To learn more about the Summit see the four videos produced at the Video page