N-Gen Hermosillo

N-Gen Hermosillo creates a space where students and researchers that work in the central Sonoran Desert can learn of eachothers work, share experiences, research projects, or concerns, and at the same time, link with other disciplines to reveal the richness of the Sonoran Desert through its many physical, biological, and social attributes.

Anyone, whether an N-Gen member or not, that is interested to particiapte in the activities of this community or interact with other members of the N-Gen community can attend the reunions that will be held periodocialy. These will include the organization of seminars with broad interest, discussion sessions on local issues, informative talks on the activities of N-Gen and larger issues in the Sonoran Desert, or most importantly and simply, N-Gen Hermosillo will be a convivial place where community members can start discussions to facilitate future collaborations.

Our Location

Our address

Auditorio Ing. Diego A. Córdova Méndez del Instituto de Geología, UNAM-Estación Regional del Noroeste
Blvd. Luis D. Colosio y Sahuaripa s/n, Col. Los Arcos, CP. 83250, Hermosillo, Sonora, México
Web: http://www.geologia.unam.mx/

Chapter Leaders

Enriquena Bustamante Ortega and Daniel Morales Romero