Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers

––– Research Grants –––

The 2017 Call for Proposals was closed on August 31

A call for pre-proposals will be forthcoming in Spring 2018

N-Gen Research Grants are designed to provide financial support for members of the N-Gen community conducting research in the Sonoran Desert. N-Gen supports original student and collaborative research, with preference always given to proposals that take a synthetic and transdisciplinary approach (perspectives that seek to transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines) to various topics in the larger Sonoran Desert region and associated marine and coastal areas.


For the inaugural 2017-2018 N-Gen Grants the following projects were funded.

Collaborative Grants:

American Bullfrog Eradication Plan. Phase one: mapping the distribution of bull frogs in the Baja California Mediterranean Region

A Binational and Multidisciplinary Collaboration: the Puerto Peñasco archaeology and paleoenvironment project (PPAPP)

Effects of the Purse-seine Net Fishery on Migratory and Endangered Seabirds in the Midriff Island region, Gulf of California

Gendered Socio-Ecological Impacts of Mining in the Sonoran Desert Transboundary Region

Effects of Coastal Development on Eelgrass and Surf Grass Along the Pacific Coast of Northern Baja California, México

Student Grants:

MARESSA ARELY PÓLITO ZAMARRÓN, Detection of Pathogens of Importance in the Black-Vented Shearwater Nesting on Isla Natividad

DENISSE FIORDALIZO MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ, Documentation of the Yaqui Language

ANA LUISA CASTILLO MALDONADO, The Oases of the Sonoran Desert

GLORIA MARINA PEÓN LAZO, Variation in the Morphology and Ecophysiology of Two Allopatric Populations of Zebra-tailed Lizard in the Sonoran Desert

JOSÉ ISRAEL HERNÁNDEZ VALDIVIDA, Livestock and Conservation Policies in the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park (SSPMNP)

MANUEL ALEJANDRO DELGADILLO NUÑO, Biological Responses and Populations Characteristics of the Giant Green Anemone and the Orange Cup Coral in Baja California, México


Prior to the release of the 2018 call for for proposals, please consult Frequently Asked Questions and feel free to contact N-Gen with additional questions at