The 2012 inaugural Summit was held at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona from April 18 to 20. Ninety individuals attended the three-day gathering, 49 participants from Mexico and 41 from the United States. Sixteen distinct disciplines were represented as well as 37 different institutions, 11 from Mexico and 26 from the United States. An (un)conference or Open Space Technology approach was used, which encourages spontaneous discourse and all-inclusive interaction driven by the participants themselves that was found to be far superior to a standard linear conference format.

The three-day summit consisted of 22 sessions focused on physical, social, and biological disciplines that covered a broad spectrum of the important research and conservation issues currently facing the Sonoran Desert region.

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Session Summaries


Geologic Evolution of the Desert

Human Dimension of the Sonoran Desert


Indigenous Knowledge

Challenges and Multinational Cooperation

Ecosystem Based



Biodiversity and Natural History