Title: Session Products

Conveners: NextGenSD 2012 Organizing Committee; Ben Wilder, Nemer Narchi, Carolyn O’Meara, Alfonso Medel

Participants: Adrian Mungia Juan Álvarez Debbie Colodner Brigitte Marazzi Octavio Aburto Hector Perez Marlu Robledo Jennie Duberstein Rodrigo Renteria Maria Jose Espinosa Mario Erandi Bonillas Monge Steve Marlett Lucero Radonic Alexis Rife

The joint discussion of what could and should be the products of this Summit revolved around three main topics: (1) publications, (2) digital communication, and (3) additional products.
Publications. First and foremost, the initial publication should be a bilingual report focused on the summit that serves as the formal report for our funders as well as a citable document for the general community. From this report we would then craft an editorial targeted for publication in the Journal of Conservation Biology. Additional potential publications would focus on a multidisciplinary themed issue of the Journal of the Southwest, with individual papers emerging from the various sessions held at the Summit; a public oriented issue of Sonorensis, the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum quarterly magazine for their twenty-three thousand members; and a similar public oriented publication in Mexico, perhaps with La Jornada.
Digital Communication. There is a strong consensus for the need of a central website to keep communication and momentum active. A principal priority is to revamp the existing website to allow it to support the expansion of the network. If we do not have the capacity to learn of the work of other or access relevant data, we have no way of facilitating collaboration.
Additional Products It was recognized that collectively the Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers have a voice and a platform from which collaborative actions and recommendations can be made. This network can facilitate connecting the results of our individual and collective research to society. Both via education and public oriented efforts for the larger community and policy statements or funding priorities for political and organization decision makers.

For raw notes form the session, please see below for the notes as transcribed by Wilder.
Raw notes from Ben Wilder

Publication possibilities: – Report

First above all else a report of this summit to set basis for all the other products
Need to show what did during these days
Hierarchy of the sessions.
Main statement of result of each session
A well-defined thorough/model of the NextGen
Make 1 general report and craft editorial from that
A vision statement
Define how it is not just next gen (youth) but an idea (collaborative) too
Hit on what has changed between generations, what is urgent now, what are the unique challenges we face?
Why do we need to approach these issues collectively?

– ASDM Sonorensis publication
Proposed by Debbie Colodner with the backing of ASDM directors.
Fall 2013
Distill for the public audience
23k people distribution, general public-ASDM membership

– Internet venues
website, newsletter, blog
format of newsletter would be informal way to communicate with ourselves and beyond
– Journal of the SW
– Could be 1 pub in U.S. 1 in MX and 1 Newsletter (Sonorensis)
Be both academic and non-academic
– Society for conservation biology
Rodrigo Medellin is president. Could have an editorial note in J. of conservation
– La Jornada – ecologíca
lots of readers, especially high school age multidisciplinary

To maintain communication: –
virtual community
a participants page, researchers and different platforms
MORE user-driven Calendar of expeditions
Make it to have long-term visibility
What is going on in the Gulf of California / Sonoran Desert
To show people what is happening with multidisciplinary research, what research needs to be done, what the pressing issues are
But also what is already there
A central place to go and get this basic info does not exist
A bibliography?
– Google group
informal way for people to communicate
can load papers, calendars, spreadsheets…
is virtual and closed to outsiders
What the network should be
Be a member of a community in an official way


Social Networks
Shape and size of network –map it

General themes raised in sessions.

List of priorities for funding to identify -> shape the future of funding reality broader impacts – info presented here to filter down to high school level.

Statement for politicians
Eventually, as a group we can make broad political statements that any single person may not be able to.

Colleagues from different disciplines create and submit project proposals Identify where funding resources are available.

A “card carrying member”