Sula Vanderplank

Disciplines: Botany
Regions: Baja California, NW Baja California
Chapter: Ensenada



I have a PhD in Botany (minors in Biogeography and Conservation Biology) from UC Riverside, where I studied with Exequiel Ezcurra. I am particularly interested in the transitions between the Sonoran Desert and its adjacent ecoregions. My dissertation focuses on the Mediterranean-Desert transition in Baja California, where I look at endemic plants, range limits, and flowering times. I have also been involved with quail research in this region as well as in Alamos, Sonora. My additional interests are broad and include the role that fog has played in evolution within deserts, and the role of ethnobotany in conservation. I am involved in a project studying the plants of ancient shell middens that I hope will bridge conservation priorities for botany and archeology on the peninsula. I am the Science Advisor for Terra Pensinsular A.C. (a non-profit focused on conservation of terrestrial Baja California) and I am helping to develop their new Conservation Science program.