Scott E.K. Bennett

Research Geologist, US Geological Survey

Disciplines: Geology
Regions: Gulf of California, Midriff Islands



I am a Research Geologist with the US Geological Survey in Seattle, WA. I conducted field-based paleoseismologic research to understand the hazards associated with active faults in the western United States. During graduate school, my research centered on understanding the initial tectonic formation and subsequent flooding of the Gulf of California. I conducted field-based geologic mapping on Isla Tiburón and adjacent coastal Sonora. I incorporated radiometric age-dating and paleomagnetic analysis of volcanic rocks to understand how and when the Gulf of California rift initiated. My research also involved locating volcanic rocks in north-central Baja California Norte that correlate to volcanic rocks on Isla Tiburón. I continue to co-lead a research team that is creating an animated, map-view reconstruction of the tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the Gulf of California over the past 12 million years. I believe that both the past and present-day geologic setting of the Gulf of California plays a large role in the ecological, biological, economic, and cultural architecture of the modern Sonoran desert.