Robert A. Villa

Disciplines: Ethnobiology, Herpetology, Plant Ecology
Regions: Arizona Uplands, Sky Islands
Chapter: Tucson


Native Tucsonan and deep-rooted Spanish-speakng Sonoran Desert Rat, I am continually captivated by natural and cultural history and its intersection, more intensely in the Sonoran region and Latin America. I love exploring the backwoods of Sonora and Mexico in search of plants and animals, documenting biodiversity for and colleagues. Often with violin in tow I attempt to bring music into field life, as well as enrich my artistic community with the formidable beauty of the the Sonoran region.
More literally I work as an interpretive naturalist, field biologist, animal handler, horticulturist/botanist, consultant, writer, editor, guide, amateur ethno-gastronomist/foodie, book smuggler, and violinist. Projects have included field work with endangered plants, amphibians, reptiles, and owls – serving as president and other positions in the Tucson Herpetological Society – helping revise and edit the book A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert – and animal wrangling, guiding, and consulting for Japan Broadcasting Corporation, National Geographic Television, BBC, and Vice.