John Arnett

Disciplines: Conservation, Data Management, Ecology, Natural History, Natural Resource Mgmt, Ornithology
Regions: Borderlands


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I am a wildlife biologist for the US federal government, based in Phoenix, AZ. The majority of my work is with the distribution and ecology of birds that occur in the Sonoran Desert, particularly thrashers and Gray Vireo. Other projects include monitoring a Kit Fox population and studying post-fire vegetation succession with repeat photography. I led an effort to study a population of Bendire’s Thrasher in northwestern Arizona; that area is now the Joshua Tree Important Bird Area. I enjoy participating in several state, regional, and national workgroups and committees, including Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative, Sonoran Joint Venture Technical Committee, and Department of Defense Partners In Flight. Currently (2015-16) I am coordinating the natural resources portion of the Tri-National Sonoran Symposium in Ajo, AZ, March 2016. On the side I am interested in environmental ethics.