Ivone Giffard Mena

Disciplines: Genetics, Marine Ecology
Regions: Pacific Islands
Chapter: Ensenada

Email: igiffard@uabc.edu.mx


I’m a research/professor in Molecular Biology and Ecophysiology at the University of Baja California (Marine Sciences). I try to understand the mechanisms that allow an organism (shrimp and fish) to survive during its ontogeny and to colonize ecosystems with variable salinity (sea-water, estuaries, lagoons, rivers) from Molecular to Ecological level by means of an integrative approach (Integrative Biology). Before my PhD in France, I worked few years in Mexicali Valley for government (Fish Department) as “aquaculture field adviser” and live together with their people some of the problems associated with loss of water flow. Now I understand how several social-political-economical-ecological problems are related, several species are treated and we couldn’t be precise on the magnitude of the impact. I´m involved with several international research groups. We’re also trying to understand geographical distribution patterns of some intertidal fishes, some invasive macroalgae and marine invertebrates from Pacific Islands and California gulf coast. Another area that I have been working last 4 years is with shrimp virology (White Spot Syndrome Virus-WSSV), for more details you can see some of my papers on academia.edu or http://fcm.ens.uabc.mx/~igiffard/.