Heather Green

Disciplines: Communications, Environmental Education, Fine Art, Science Illustration
Regions: Borderlands, Gulf of California, Sky Islands
Chapter: Tucson

Website: http://www.heathergreen-art.com
Email: cartagrafia@gmail.com


My projects and installations examine historical and ecological narratives of the Northern Sea of Cortez and Sonoran Desert, exploring and paying homage to peripheral or even vanishing places and species whose delicate survival depends on our awareness of them. The majority of my work focuses on La Cholla, a small headland in Sonora, Mexico, a place I have known my whole life that has been vulnerable to development and diminishing habitat. I am also working on an on-going project with entomologist Dr. Robert Minckley, painting life-size portraits of the many native bees he has collected and identified in the San Bernardino valley.