Carolyn O’Meara

Disciplines: Anthropology, Geography, Linguistics
Regions: Seri
Chapter: Mexico City



I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Seminario de Lenguas Indígenas at the UNAM. As a linguist, my primary academic interests lie in the fields of language description and anthropological linguistics. I am particularly interested in certain aspects of the nominal lexicon in Seri, an indigenous language spoken by around 900 people in northwestern Sonora, Mexico. In particular, within the area of ethnophysiography (the ethnoscience of landscape entities) I have worked on complex forms, mainly analytical descriptive terms in the landscape domain which classify geographic entities in terms of their material make-up and spatial properties such as shape, orientation, and merological relations. This analytical system of linguistic categorization found in the nominal lexicon of Seri opens up an intriguing window into the conceptualization of the landscape domain.