Andres Lira-Noriega

Disciplines: Ecology, Genetics, Plant Ecology
Regions: Baja California, Central Sonora
Chapter: Mexico City



I am a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology working with species distributions and ecological niche modeling. Particularly, I have worked with the Desert Mistletoe system to answer questions about the importance of factors (biotic, abiotic and movement) that determine the area of distribution of a species at different spatial scales (i.e., which factors weight more at a particular scale). I’m also interested in the effects of lands use and land occupation in the Sonoran Desert region and what are the structural consequences of these landscape transformations. To understand this we use object-oriented image classification and spatial models to measure vegetation patterns in combination with historical information of human occupation and land management. I am also interested in the application of modeling tools for conservation biology and have worked on the identification of priority sites for conservation and Mexico’s gap analysis at CONABIO.