Aengus Anderson

Disciplines: Geography, History, Journalism, Photography
Regions: Borderlands, Sky Islands, Urban Centers
Chapter: Tucson



I’m a digital media producer, which is a vague way of saying that I create a lot of radio, video, photographs, and written work. Professionally, my background is in commercial post-production but my more interesting projects have typically been as an independent—I have produced stories for numerous public radio stations, NPR programs like Latino USA and Snap Judgment, and written op-eds for Boing Boing. I’ve also worked on a trio of radio projects which explored how Americans think about the reflect upon the past, assess the present, and dream about the future. I hold a Master’s in US History from the University of Arizona, where I focused on environmental issues in the American Southwest. Currently I am working as a video producer and oral historian at the University of Arizona and starting work on my next independent radio project.