When issues of utmost importance to the Sonoran Desert and Gulf of California lack a clear voice, N-Gen occupies a unique position to fill that void. The rich landscape of our multinational desert and sea is often prominently featured in national or international debates. In such times the essence of the region can be misstated, misconstrued, or ignored. At such times it is both the responsibility and opportunity of this community to offer the objective and honest perspective of the leading scientific community of the region. Where we may not have the podium, standing, expertise, or freedom to speak as individuals, N-Gen provides an opportunity to speak as a united front.

Issues of such importance are decided upon by the N-Gen board of directors (see our structure). Statements are authored by a core working group, presented on this website, and then endorsed by other N-Gen members, other scientists, and the public at large. These statements are then used as a point of reference for interested media outlets.

Position Statements: