N-Gen Ensenada

Ensenada is a diverse city. The center of science and conservation in the northwest corner of Mexico, multiple academic institutions such as UABC, CICESE, UNAM, CRIP, private companies, NGOs, and a thriving art, food, and wine culture all emanate from where the desert grades into the Pacific coast of California. Most of us in Ensenada are from other corners of Mexico or beyond. This region presents a space of great dynamism and mixing, new opportunities, unique and challenging characteristics, and experts from all scientific, social, and cultural areas to address them.

N-Gen Ensenada is a space where we can share ideas and inspiration to tackle challenges, local and beyond.

Our occasional gatherings allow people from diverse areas to interact, seek opportunities for collaboration, and let others know about important events (academic courses, workshops, conferences, and recreational or cultural happenings). A longer-term goal is to build a network of specialists that may connect scientific opinion to issues of local relevance. Any chapter member is welcome to organize a meeting for all members or any select subgroup with mutual interests, at any time. We hope gatherings will be organic and varied.

Our Location

Our address

Terra Peninsular
Av Adolfo López Mateos, Zona Centro, 22800 Ensenada, Baja California, México
Web: http://www.terrapeninsular.org/

Chapter Leaders

Ivone Giffard Mena and Sula Vanderplank