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Jose Luis Abella Gutiérrez

Casi doctor en paleoecología, cortometrajista aficionado y divulgador científico – blogger. En mi trayectoria científica he pasado de estudios de poblaciones y comunidades de pastos marinos (en San Quintín entre otros sitios) a relaciones entre clima, oceanografía y ecología en ecosistemas pelágicos en la que sigo desarrollando mi actividad principal. Ahora tengo un creciente interés […]

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César Angulo Corral

Soy un periodista especializado en el tema ambiental con casi 18 años de experiencia en medios de comunicación mexicanos; actualmente trabajo en comunicación y divulgación de la cultura forestal y como periodista independiente.

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Ursula Basinger

I’m a plant ecologist and desert rat with an active interest in science writing. My research brings me to the Desert Laboratory at Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, Arizona, where I study the community dynamics of tiny winter annual plants under the guidance of Dr. Larry Venable. In my free time, I write about regional art, […]

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Rafael Bello Bedoy

Me interesa el estudio de la selección natural y la adaptación. La teoría de la genética ecológica permite comprender los mecanismos locales y externos como la selección natural y el flujo genético contribuyen a la explicación de la fina variación genética y morfológica de organismos que muy seguramente representan linajes independientes. Así, a través del […]

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Peter Breslin

I have spent much of the last 25 years exploring Arizona in search of rare, endemic, cryptic or characteristic flora and have traveled the length of the Baja California peninsula by car 8 times in the past 3 years, attempting to locate, study, photograph and map as many of the cacti of that botanically rich […]

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Mike Brozda

Baja California: Journeys Between Two Seas is a new nonfiction book that will tell the stories of Baja’s unique environment through the eyes of its amazing people.

Baja California is an 800-mile-long peninsula that sits within easy driving distance of about 30 million people in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali. […]

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Carrie Calisay Cannon

I am currently employed as an Ethnobotanist for the Hualapai Tribe’s Department of Cultural Resources. I administer a number of department projects and programs which promote the intergenerational teaching of Hualapai ethnobotanical knowledge. I work towards both preservation as well as revitalization, focusing on ensuring tribal ethnobotanical knowledge persists as a living practice and […]

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John Carpenter

Early agriculture in the Sonoran Desert
Archaic Life in the Sonoran Desert
Human Adaptations of long dureé in the Sonoran Desert
The Hutabampo and Serrana cultural Tradition of Northern Sinaloa and Southern Sonora
Prehispanic and protohistoric cultural dynamics in Sonora

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Sarah Elizabeth Clark

As Chief Executive Officer of Image & Sound Group, I manage the development and production of strategic projects for Image & Sound clients worldwide. I’m a writer, investigator and communications specialist with 9 years of professional experience in the areas of natural resources management and conservation, food systems and agriculture, and public health. I enjoy […]

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Michael Darin

I am a geologist with a particular interest in the tectonics and structural geology, and fault systems in the Sonoran Desert. My work involves understanding the plate tectonic evolution of the Gulf of California rift in Sonora, northern Baja California, and the southwestern US.

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