Performing Arts

Martha Patricia Alcaraz Flores

Participo desde el 2015 de manera formal con proyectos de divulgación científica desde la comunicación visual y el diseño gráfico, con instituciones adscritas a la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, como el Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnología, al igual que el Instituto de Astronomía, desarrollando proyectos desde la Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño de la […]

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Wendy Burk

My poetry practice uses site-specific techniques to gather and interpret artistic data about environment and ecology. Through poetry I explore such ideas as how to represent complex ecological relationships in written form, and how manifestations of language change in response to differing spatial contexts. I have a Master’s degrees in Creative Writing and Library Science […]

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Sarah Elizabeth Clark

As Chief Executive Officer of Image & Sound Group, I manage the development and production of strategic projects for Image & Sound clients worldwide. I’m a writer, investigator and communications specialist with 9 years of professional experience in the areas of natural resources management and conservation, food systems and agriculture, and public health. I enjoy […]

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Kimi Eisele

I am a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with dance, literary, visual, and participatory forms. My work explores connections between people and place and I seek ways to invite the public to empathize more deeply with animals, plants, and water in the Sonoran Desert.

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Sofia Gómez Vallarta

I do Program management for Costasalvaje A.C., an NGO dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems and their wildlife. I am Oceanographer and studied wild fauna management as well. I have experience in ecotourism, educational tourism, community outreach, environmental education, fundraising, grants writing and project design, communications and writing. I am also a […]

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Diana Teresa Hernández Morales

Soy etnóloga por la Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH) en el Distrito Federal. Desde mis estudios en licenciatura hasta la fecha me he enfocado a la investigación de la configuración de criterios estéticos como materia intrínseca de la identidad de las mujeres. Actualmente realizo una maestría en antropología social en el Colegio de […]

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Kate Hodges

The Land With No Name, Sanctuary For Homeless Sculpture, is an alternative art space located in the high desert grasslands of the Sierrita Mountains. It is dedicated to engaging people with art and and the land, building an appreciation for its wildlife while understanding that people are a part of this place as well. How […]

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Stephen J. Hussman

Director of Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries

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Bill Levine

I am a Naturalist, Musician, Photographer, Conservasionalist, Deep Ecologist. I practiced psychotherapy and family systems therapy before working as a film composer in Hollywood.

Now I am living in Baja and aiming to help conserve as much of the pristine wilderness as I can by donating my music for fundraisers and by using photography.

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Ernesto Marquez Nerey

Soy un comunicador de la ciencia, originario de Nogales, Sonora. He sido director de museos de ciencia en la Ciudad de México y deseo contribuir a la difusión de los trabajos académicos relacionados con el desierto sonorense, y a la divulgacion del hábitat, de sus especies, y las costumbres de sus habitantes y de la […]

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