Daniel W. Anderson

Involved in conservation efforts mainly in relation to birds since his graduate studies. A zoologist, wildlife biologist, ecotoxicologist and conservation biologist. Involved in the banning of DDT. Has monitored wild bird populations (mainly seabirds and raptors) for decades, mainly in the California, Baja California and Gulf of California areas.

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John Arnett

I am a wildlife biologist for the US federal government, based in Phoenix, AZ. The majority of my work is with the distribution and ecology of birds that occur in the Sonoran Desert, particularly thrashers and Gray Vireo. Other projects include monitoring a Kit Fox population and studying post-fire vegetation succession with repeat photography. […]

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Nick Beauregard

I am field biologist and naturalist specializing in ornithology. I have worked throughout the American West, from the Arctic to the Borderlands. In recent years southeast Arizona has captivated my attention and I have worked on projects related to Yellow-eyed Juncos, Mexican Spotted Owls, Elegant Trogons, and Yellow-billed Cuckoos.

I will be starting graduate school at […]

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Sue Carnahan

I am focused on botany and birds. Current projects include the flora of the Guaymas Region (with Richard Felger and others) and a flora in the semidesert grasslands of southeast Arizona.

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Jesus Rafael Cruz López

Llevo 4 años apoyando a los proyectos del Laboratorio de Aves de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, y Dos años de experiencia realizando monitoreo de aves playeras en las costas sonorenses de la Reserva de la Biosfera del Alto Golfo y Delta del Río Colorado. Mis intereses de investigación están enfocadas principalmente en […]

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Abel Domínguez Pompa

Soy estudiante de Biología en la Universidad de Sonora. He participado en diferentes actividades realizadas por algunos clubs de la carrera. Este verano participe en el programa interinstitucional para el fortalecimiento de la ciencia apoyando en diversos proyectos relacionado a la herpatofauna y otras organismos. Deseo participar en proyectos desarrollados en el Desierto Sonorense o […]

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Jennie Duberstein

My work in the Sonoran Desert region has been two-fold. In my position with the Sonoran Joint Venture (SJV) I help facilitate bird and bird habitat conservation work in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. My responsibilities include capacity building and training (including topics such as bird monitoring and ecotourism), strategic planning and project […]

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Abram B. Fleishman

My passion is marine diversity. The Gulf of California and its islands have captured my mind and academic intrest. I have worked with various taxa but recently have found myself focusing on waterbird natural history, ecology and conservation. I spent 5 years working in Bahia Kino, Sonora, with waterbird populations in coastal wetlands and on […]

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Aaron D. Flesch

I am a naturalist and ecologist interested in answering questions that are relevant to the conservation and management of biodiversity. I began working in the Sonoran Desert region in 1996 and in Sonora, Mexico in 2000. I am passionate about landscape exploration and motivated by a desire to understand the patterns and drivers of plant […]

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Daniel Galindo-Espinosa

Soy Biólogo Marino por la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS). Tengo una maestría en Manejo de Recursos Marinos y doctorado en Ciencias Marinas por el Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas del Instituto Politécnico Nacional. He enseñado ecología marina, ecología, biología y fauna terrestre en las carreras de Biología Marina y Turismo Alternativo de […]

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