Natural Resource Mgmt

Daniel W. Anderson

Involved in conservation efforts mainly in relation to birds since his graduate studies. A zoologist, wildlife biologist, ecotoxicologist and conservation biologist. Involved in the banning of DDT. Has monitored wild bird populations (mainly seabirds and raptors) for decades, mainly in the California, Baja California and Gulf of California areas.

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John Arnett

I am a wildlife biologist for the US federal government, based in Phoenix, AZ. The majority of my work is with the distribution and ecology of birds that occur in the Sonoran Desert, particularly thrashers and Gray Vireo. Other projects include monitoring a Kit Fox population and studying post-fire vegetation succession with repeat photography. […]

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Giovanni Ávila Flores

Environmental Management professional, trained in assessing environmental impact in varied projects, as well as promoting policies and actions in the fields of environmental education, climate change, biodiversity conservation and urban planning. I have experience in projects developed in Egypt, Colombia, India, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Mexico. Personally, I am known for my ability to set […]

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Sergio Avila-Villegas

I work as a Conservation Research Scientist with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I focus on cross-border collaboration, research and conservation on the shared natural resources in the borderlands. I have worked on both sides of the Mexico-US border for over 19 years, mainly focused on inventory, conservation and management of protected species like jaguar, ocelot, […]

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Jeffrey Banister

I have a dual position, split between the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center and School of Geography and Development. As assistant editor of Journal of the Southwest, I have worked to build on the university’s tradition of collaborative investigation and publication with Mexican institutions. JSW also publishes across the social sciences and humanities, focusing on […]

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Gitanjali Bodner

My focus with The Nature Conservancy is on helping land managers identify and fill their biological information needs and tie this information back into decision making. A major part of this work has been partnering with the Bureau of Land Management to design more informative and efficient ecological monitoring for adaptive management, e.g. on effectiveness […]

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Mirsa Bojórquez

Actualmente estudio la carrera de ecología en la Universidad Estatal de Sonora. Mis líneas de interés son el manejo integral de los recursos naturales, especialmente la gestión de las cuencas hidrológicas en ecosistemas desérticos. Es por ello que estoy comenzando a trabajar en una tesis sobre el impacto que tienen los pequeños represos en el […]

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Jesus Adrian Bojorquez Valdez

Todo mi trabajo de investigación lo he realizado en bosques tropicales caducifolios. En mi tesis de licenciatura realicé estudios de composición y biodiversidad en bosques tropicales caducifolios (BTC) secundarios en un cerro de El Realíto, Sinaloa, México. Actualmente me encuentro Realizando estudios de maestría en el posgrado en ciencias biológicas de la UNAM, y mi […]

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Aurora Breceda

Trabajo en el Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste, SC, en La Paz Baja California Sur. A lo largo de mi trabajo profesional he desarrollado investigaciones en la Región del Cabo y en los oasis de la península, así como iniciativas de Conservación y Programas de Manejo en diferentes Áreas Naturales de Baja California Sur. […]

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Ana Karen Bustamante Icedo

I find myself currently working with changes in land cover caused by productive activities such as livestock and agriculture and the reaction of the phenology of the different plant communities in conservation areas using remote sensing techniques.

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