Aengus Anderson

I’m a digital media producer, which is a vague way of saying that I create a lot of radio, video, photographs, and written work. Professionally, my background is in commercial post-production but my more interesting projects have typically been as an independent—I have produced stories for numerous public radio stations, NPR programs like Latino USA […]

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Jeffrey Banister

I have a dual position, split between the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center and School of Geography and Development. As assistant editor of Journal of the Southwest, I have worked to build on the university’s tradition of collaborative investigation and publication with Mexican institutions. JSW also publishes across the social sciences and humanities, focusing on […]

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Greg Barron-Gafford

I have a dual position, split between the University of Arizona’s School of Geography and Development and the Biosphere 2. I’m a Biogeographer, which means my science sits at that exciting nexus of understanding how external forces (like environmental and human factors) and internal characteristics (like leaf biochemistry and plant functional type) act as determinants […]

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Jesús Israel Baxin Martínez

Desde la Geografía humana he propuesto de una línea de investigación referente a los espacios insulares de México, en particular aquéllos ubicados en la costa occidental de Baja California y en el Mar de Cortés. He realizado dos tesis en la UNAM, una de licenciatura sobre Isla de Cedros y otra de maestría sobre las […]

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Peter Breslin

I have spent much of the last 25 years exploring Arizona in search of rare, endemic, cryptic or characteristic flora and have traveled the length of the Baja California peninsula by car 8 times in the past 3 years, attempting to locate, study, photograph and map as many of the cacti of that botanically rich […]

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Michelle A. Coe

Michelle works with the SEEC (Supporting Environmental Education and Communities) program which aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM) and social science among K-12 students within the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). SEEC, part of the University of Arizona’s Community and School Garden Program, directly connects students with physical and social […]

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Katherine Curl

I am a Masters student at the University of Arizona studying Geography and Development. I have been conducting my thesis research in the Yaqui territory with members of the Yaqui tribe. I am looking at the issues community members in Vicam pueblo are facing with water access, in terms of water quantity and water quality, […]

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José de Jesús Flores

Actualmente soy estudiante de la Maestría en Geografía Humana del Colegio de Michoacan mi tema de investigación es la resiliencia que los habitantes de la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara han desarrollado ante las inundaciones. En la licenciatura trabaje desarrollo urbano e impacto ambiental de una zona al sur de la ZMG. Mis intereses académicos son: […]

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Juan Pablo Gallo-Reynoso

I study faunal-habitat relationships in mammals and birds either terrestrial or aquatic. In the Gulf of California, Northwestern rivers and sky-islands.

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Napoleon Gudiño Elizondo

My research interests are the modelling and data collection of Hydrogeology, Watershed management, remote sensing, UAV’s, soil erosion, coastal processes and sedimentation.

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