Environmental Policy

Daniel W. Anderson

Involved in conservation efforts mainly in relation to birds since his graduate studies. A zoologist, wildlife biologist, ecotoxicologist and conservation biologist. Involved in the banning of DDT. Has monitored wild bird populations (mainly seabirds and raptors) for decades, mainly in the California, Baja California and Gulf of California areas.

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Giovanni Ávila Flores

Environmental Management professional, trained in assessing environmental impact in varied projects, as well as promoting policies and actions in the fields of environmental education, climate change, biodiversity conservation and urban planning. I have experience in projects developed in Egypt, Colombia, India, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Mexico. Personally, I am known for my ability to set […]

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Sergio Avila-Villegas

I work as a Conservation Research Scientist with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I focus on cross-border collaboration, research and conservation on the shared natural resources in the borderlands. I have worked on both sides of the Mexico-US border for over 19 years, mainly focused on inventory, conservation and management of protected species like jaguar, ocelot, […]

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Jeffrey Banister

I have a dual position, split between the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center and School of Geography and Development. As assistant editor of Journal of the Southwest, I have worked to build on the university’s tradition of collaborative investigation and publication with Mexican institutions. JSW also publishes across the social sciences and humanities, focusing on […]

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Juan Carlos Bravo

As Wildlands Network’s Mexico Program Director I work to expand connectivity in the west by partnering with Mexican groups and improving Wildlands Network’s understanding of the connectivity issues in Mexico. I adapt WN’s overall strategy to a significantly different conservation landscape by applying tactics that are regionally appropriate but seek the same ultimate goal: wilderness […]

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Peter Breslin

I have spent much of the last 25 years exploring Arizona in search of rare, endemic, cryptic or characteristic flora and have traveled the length of the Baja California peninsula by car 8 times in the past 3 years, attempting to locate, study, photograph and map as many of the cacti of that botanically rich […]

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Stephanie J. Buechler

Estudio las intersecciones entre género, el cambio medioambiental, la agricultura y la energía renovable en el desierto sonorense. He hecho estudios en San Ignacio, Sonora sobre las huertas familiares y la adaptación por genero en estos espacios de producción agrícola y sobre el impacto del cambio climático en la producción de conservas de frutas y […]

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Horacio Cabrera Santiago

Actualmente me estoy dedicando a impulsar el manejo participativo del sitio Ramsar Humedales de la Laguna La Cruz a través del
Centro de Estudios Culturales y Ecológicos Prescott College, en Bahía de Kino.

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Marian Alejandra Camacho Mondragón

Soy bióloga marina, especialista en biología reproductiva de bivalvos marinos. Durante casi 10 años, he trabajado en la investigación de diversas especies de importancia comercial en Baja California Sur.

Actualmente, soy presidenta de la Asociación de Científicos de Mar (ASCIMAR) en donde trabajamos permanentemente en dos objetivos: (1) constituir vínculos entre las Instituciones públicas y privadas […]

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Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor holds a BSc in Marine Biology and an MSc in Fisheries Economics, and is currently a PhD candidate in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at The University of British Columbia. He works as a researcher with the Fisheries Economics Research Unit at the UBC Fisheries Centre, specializing in applied resource economics. Linking field […]

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