Delia Marina Acuña Acosta

Soy estudiante de la Licenciatura en Biología de la Universidad de Sonora acabo de terminar el 4to semestre. Eh tenido la oportunidad de ir a una excursión con Sky Island Alliance, también a una de la Primera Reunión de Responsables de Herbarios, eh salido a campo al pinacate y otros lugares. Soy coordinadora del club […]

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Karen R. Adams

Karen Adams studied riparian plant communities in the Sonoran Desert for her PhD research (University of Arizona, 1988). She has examined plant materials from ancient Sonoran Desert archaeological sites for nearly 40 years. Her specialty is reconstructing ancient subsistence patterns, and documenting the transitional period from when groups practiced hunting/gathering to when they began to […]

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Ednita Aispuro

Soy estudiante de la licenciatura en Ecología en la Universidad Estatal de Sonora. Mis intereses son en las áreas de educación ambiental y recursos naturales enfocándome principalmente a la conservación.
Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en una tesis sobre la proporción de especies vegetales nativas y exóticas presentes en los parques de Hmo, Sonora, con […]

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Lucila Armenta

Estoy interesada en realizar estudios de las dinámicas poblacionales de las especies omnívoras, principalmente cánidos y úrsidos en las regiones de la Costa Central y Sky Islands.
Trabajo como voluntaria en inventarios y colectas de la vegetación del Desierto de Sonora y conteo de aves en el pico de su etapa reproductiva en el noroeste de […]

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Anthony Baniaga

I am interested in plant diversity! I study hybridization, polyploidy, population genetics, and systematics in Selaginella taxa found throughout the southwestern borderlands of U.S. and Mexico.

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Michael Barker

We study the evolution of plant diversity. One of our main study systems is the evolution of the resurrection lycophytes of Selaginella throughout the Sonoran and other deserts.

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Ursula Basinger

I’m a plant ecologist and desert rat with an active interest in science writing. My research brings me to the Desert Laboratory at Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, Arizona, where I study the community dynamics of tiny winter annual plants under the guidance of Dr. Larry Venable. In my free time, I write about regional art, […]

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Nick Beauregard

I am field biologist and naturalist specializing in ornithology. I have worked throughout the American West, from the Arctic to the Borderlands. In recent years southeast Arizona has captivated my attention and I have worked on projects related to Yellow-eyed Juncos, Mexican Spotted Owls, Elegant Trogons, and Yellow-billed Cuckoos.

I will be starting graduate school at […]

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Benjamin Blonder

I am an ecologist focusing on plant response to climate change, past and present. I am the PI of the Macrosystems Ecology lab at Arizona State University. I am also interested in improving science education through experiential approaches. I co-founded the University of Arizona Sky School, a program that provides inquiry-based outdoor science education to […]

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Peter Breslin

I have spent much of the last 25 years exploring Arizona in search of rare, endemic, cryptic or characteristic flora and have traveled the length of the Baja California peninsula by car 8 times in the past 3 years, attempting to locate, study, photograph and map as many of the cacti of that botanically rich […]

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