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Notes from [a different] field: The United Nations Oceans Conference

by Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

The United Nations Oceans Conference, held this June (2017) at the UN Headquarters in New York City, aimed to be “the game changer that will reverse the decline in the health of our ocean for people, planet and prosperity.” Though it might seem lofty, this stated intent is actually relatively modest; reversing current […]

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¿Qué pasa dentro de una cueva de maternidad de murciélago tequilero?

Begoña Iñárritu, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM


Uno de los mitos de los murciélagos es que son ciegos, lo cual es totalmente falso. Incluso podría decirse que tienen “mejor” vista que los humanos, pues son sensibles también a la luz UV. Sin embargo, aun detectando estas ondas de luz, el interior de una cueva sí carece totalmente […]

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A Crack In The Earth: Where Desert Oases And Plate Tectonics Collide

Scott Bennett, Michael Bogan, Michael Darin
“You know, at one of these freshwater springs I’ve been studying, there are these striations on the rocks and the steep-walled canyon comes to an abrupt end, as if the Earth is opening up, “ aquatic ecologist, Michael Bogan told geologists Scott Bennett and Michael Darin. “We could all hike […]

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Finding Dioon and “ditmarsi”, the herpetology of botany, and the importance of biodiversity expeditions

 Robert Villa, Tucson Herpetological Society
I was six or seven years old when I entered my great-grandmother’s kitchen in South Tucson and noticed a yellow Tupperware box in the corner. Peering in, I was captivated by a desert tortoise. And when we offered it some lettuce my fate was sealed as a herpetologist. I became transfixed […]

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Seri language classes

Stephen A. Marlett

In the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 my wife Cathy and I spent about four months in the village of Desemboque. During those weeks I was teaching a group of students (about 15 in all, mostly in their 20’s) to videotape themselves interviewing the older members of the community (in […]

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Flying genes, bats and the organ pipe cactus

by Alberto Búrquez

I remember watching the Sea of Cortez from the “Mancha Blanca”, a beach south of Desemboque the largest settlement of the Comcaac people in the coast of the Gulf of California. That happened when I was a child at the end of the 1950s. I remember each annual expedition as a voyage of […]

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Desemboque, Sonora – Fall 2013

Desemboque, Sonora, Fall 2013
Carolyn O’Meara (UNAM, IIFL) and Isabel Martínez (UNAM, IIE)

On the 21st of November, after the long drive from Mexico City (with a stopover in Mazatlan, Hermosillo and Kino Bay), we finally arrived to Desemboque, Sonora, one of two Seri villages located about 3 hours away from Hermosillo and about an hour south of Puerto […]

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Plant collecting on mule-back in Baja California

Sula Vanderplank, Biodiversity Explorer, Botanical Research Institute of Texas; Board Member, Next
Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers.

With Trudi Angell, Leslie Pringle, Nacho Chiapa, Tomás Murillo, Matilde Murillo, Andrea Flores and others.

We rode in the truck with bales of hay on the roof, down a long, straight and dusty road, that took us to Rancho […]

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