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N-GEN-CONABIO Carta de Intención de Colaboración

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¿Qué pasa dentro de una cueva de maternidad de murciélago tequilero?

Begoña Iñárritu, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM


Uno de los mitos de los murciélagos es que son ciegos, lo cual es totalmente falso. Incluso podría decirse que tienen “mejor” vista que los humanos, pues son sensibles también a la luz UV. Sin embargo, aun detectando estas ondas de luz, el interior de una cueva sí carece totalmente […]

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A Crack In The Earth: Where Desert Oases And Plate Tectonics Collide

Scott Bennett, Michael Bogan, Michael Darin
“You know, at one of these freshwater springs I’ve been studying, there are these striations on the rocks and the steep-walled canyon comes to an abrupt end, as if the Earth is opening up, “ aquatic ecologist, Michael Bogan told geologists Scott Bennett and Michael Darin. “We could all hike […]

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Update December 2015


Dear N-Gen / Estimado N-Gen,
At over 350 members and coming off our second remarkable Summit, N-Gen is stronger than ever! Just four years ago we were asking ourselves if a community of Sonoran Desert researchers really existed. Having that question resoundingly answered YES! we shifted to figuring out the best way to capitalize on the […]

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N-Gen Lab Meeting 19 Aug 2015

Water resources and global change: From the Arizona-Sonora borderlands to the Arid Americas

Christopher Scott, Professor and Distinguished Scholar, University of Arizona and Director, CAZMEX – Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Environments

This presentation takes a social-ecological systems approach to better understand human and climatic drivers of river-basin water resources. With an emphasis on the Sonora, Santa […]

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N-Gen Lab Meeting 15 July 2015

When culture shapes the environment: Culinary markers of northwestern Mexico and the ecological consequences of carne asada

Nemer E. Narchi , Alberto Búrquez , Sarah Trainer , Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia


Carne asada, the art of grilling and consuming meat, has become a consumptive and culinary practice that cuts across all social spheres […]

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Finding Dioon and “ditmarsi”, the herpetology of botany, and the importance of biodiversity expeditions

 Robert Villa, Tucson Herpetological Society
I was six or seven years old when I entered my great-grandmother’s kitchen in South Tucson and noticed a yellow Tupperware box in the corner. Peering in, I was captivated by a desert tortoise. And when we offered it some lettuce my fate was sealed as a herpetologist. I became transfixed […]

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Mining in Northwest Mexico Press

N-Gen  statement press:

20 Oct 2014. Sonora: contra la minería depredadora


9 Oct 2014. Leyes propician que surjan “más Buenavistas del Cobre”



Related News:

28 Oct 2014. Hermosa mine proposal could deplete southeast Arizona town’s drinking water aquifer


21 Oct 2014. El primer proyecto de minería submarina podría ser en BCS


19 Oct 2014. Necesario reforzar supervisión en sector minero en México: […]

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Cabo Pulmo Press

Survey finds huge biological value in Baja California, stalls resort development



Joint Chinese/Mexican Mega-Development Threatens UNESCO World Heritage Site: Provoking an International Outcry



Chinese/Mexican Mega-Development Threatening Cabo Pulmo Marine Park



Environmentalists continue to fight mega-resort on Baja California peninsula



Experts highlight threats to communities and environment from Cabo Dorado



Mexico: 22,000 room mega-hotel threatens ‘biodiversity hotspot’



Mexican mega-hotel rises […]

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Uncovering the Dryland Biodiversity of the Cabo Pulmo Region

Through collaboration between N-Gen, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), UC MEXUS, CIBNOR, and the San Diego Natural History Museum, a weeklong survey of the desert lands adjacent to the coral reefs of Cabo Pulmo in Baja California Sur was conducted in November 2013. The results of this expedition and their relevance to the […]

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