6 & 6

Six artists – Six scientists

Merging views of the Sonoran Desert

To showcase life in the Sonoran Desert, the Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers (N-Gen) Arts and Science Initiative is forging collaboration between artists and scientists. Six artists and six scientists whose work aims to portray and better understand the Sonoran Desert will collaborate with their counterparts to create a shared vision of life in the Sonoran Desert.

Both science and art start with basic observations of the world around us. Science takes that inspiration and makes it empirical. Art conceptualizes such catalysts. 6&6 will create an environment where scientists and artists have an opportunity to cross-pollinate and create new ways to see the Sonoran Desert. The collaborative process is as important as the result. We aim to depict the Sonoran Desert and articulate a sense of place.

Visit the 6&6 Website for a “window” into this creative process. Please keep checking back for updates.


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