Communicating the beauty and science of the desert

Art can present the results of research in the ways science cannot. Both science and art start with our basic observations of the world around us. Science takes that inspiration and makes it empirical. Art conceptualizes such catalysts. Yet, this collaborative understanding and story telling is often missing. A remarkable community of artists is based in the Sonoran Desert. There have been many projects between science and the arts to-date, yet we believe they are the first steps in realizing the power held in uniting these approaches.

The N-Gen Arts & Science Initiative will connect researchers and artists to communicate and disseminate knowledge, to see science through a different lens. From shared expeditions into the field or lab, an image that conveys the results of a scientific paper, a cartoon contest that depicts life in the Sonoran Desert, this partnership can create the opportunities for artists and scientists to showcase the Sonoran Desert.