Call for new members of the N-Gen board of directors

N-Gen is currently looking for 5 new N-Gen board members. We strive for the board members to reflect a balance of the binational nature of the network ―including the different regions of the Sonoran Desert ― and a broad range of social, natural and artistic disciplines.

With the goal of maintaining the representation of perspectives in our community we are particularly looking for candidates with the following profiles:

·      Mexican citizens and members of indigenous cultures
·      Basic or applied social scientists
·      Artists that cross the line into science and social topics
·      Land managers
·      Members of civil organizations (NGOs)
·      Researchers focused on marine systems
·      Researchers with interest and experience in science communication
·      Individuals with experience in governance, legislation, and political science of the region

Individuals that would like to become members of the board of directors should submit a brief proposal including: (1) an abstract (maximum 2 pages) describing their motivation, vision and personal interests to join the N-Gen board and (2) a Curriculum Vitae describing their professional development. The applications should be sent to the N-Gen e-mail address: no later than Saturday December 9th, 2017. ***Note extended deadline***

For the full call please see here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or comment to the address: